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Macromedia Flash Lessons

01-Learning the Basics
02-Macromedia Flash Workspace
03-Creating a Logo
04-Designing a Home Page
05-Adding Text and Navigation
06-Working with Movie Clips
07-Creating Buttons
08-Motion Tweening
09-Creating an Animated Map
10-Components and Dynamic Text Boxes
11-Building the Events Components
12-Video in Macromedia Flash
13-Publishing a Macromedia Flash Movie


Flash Projects

10-Flash Show and Tell
11-Text Animation
12-Animated Face
13 - TBA

14-Digital Autobiography

15-Flash Game
17-Final Exam




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Macromedia Flash

Macromedia Flash is the professional-standard authoring tool for producing high-impact Web experiences, including animated logos, Web site navigation controls, long-form animations, or entire Flash web sites.

Learning Macromedia Flash

Learning the Basics: Introduction to Macromedia Flash

The Flash Workspace - Exploring the Macromedia Flash authoring environment

Creating a Logo

Developing a Home Page

Adding Text and Navigation

  • Project 13: TBA

Working with Movie Clips

Creating Buttons

Motion Tweening

  • Project 14: Digital Autobiography

Creating an Animated Map

Integrating Components and Dynamic Text Boxes with the Animated Map

Building the Events Component

  • Project 15: Flash Game

Video in Macromedia Flash

Publishing a Macromedia Flash Movie

  • Project 16: TBA
  • Project 17: Final Exam



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