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English 9 is dedicated to building reading, composition, presentation, and vocabulary skills. Students read to gain appreciation of literature and to analyze connections between literature they read and their daily lives. Students will practice improving their reading comprehension skills using a variety of materials. In addition, students will improve their writing skills through ongoing journal and essay assignments. Students will also work in the writing laboratory to facilitate the writing process and to create work that can be filed in their electronic portfolios. The students will do a project every quarter and will also give oral presentations. Vocabulary mastery lessons will be supplemented by literary terms and with words from novels and texts.


Units of Study

  • First Quarter:
    • Goal Setting
      • Song of the Open Road
      • The Road Not Taken
      • On the Bridge
    • The American Dream
      • Of Mice and Men
      • The Plainswoman
      • Optional: The Necklace

  • Second Quarter:
    • A Raisin in the Sun
    • I Have a Dream
    • Glory and Hope
    • Jeremiah’s Song
    • The Color of Friendship
    • Emmett Till - PBS biography

  • Third Quarter:
    • Classical Literature:
      • Romeo and Juliet
      • Greek Mythology
        • The Odyssey
    • The Memoir:
      • The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds
      • The Scarlet Ibis
      • The House on Mango Street (excerpt)
      • The Courage that my Mother Had
      • My Papa’s Waltz
      • I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (excerpt)
      • Angela’s Ashes (excerpt)

  • Fourth Quarter:
    • Survival/Risk Taking/Game Playing:
      • The Most Dangerous Game
      • A Needed Compromise
      • Research Paper on Risk-Taking Behavior or Activities
      • The Perfect Storm
      • Into the Wild
      • Into Thin Air
      • The Good Girls
      • Enders Game
    • Science Fiction:
      • The Illustrated Man




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