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Algebra 2

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Sample Units

The following are sample unit plans:

Algebra - Balloon Toss (Quadratic Equations) - this is the complete text of an inquiry-based lesson created by Alan Levy in the style of the Interactive Math Program by Key Curriculum Press.

Geometry - Using Scale Drawing to Explore Similarity

Pre-Calculus - Time and Temperature (Periodic Functions) - this is a web-based unit created by Alan Levy in 1999. (Opens in a new window; ten pages; no navigation back to this page.)

Web Design - Introduction to Web Design and Introduction to Flash animation - on-line courses designed by Alan Levy.


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Sample Lessons


SmartBoard Lessons (require SmartBoard software to open)

PowerPoint Lessons

The following are sample lesson plans:

Geometry - Ratios and Proportions

Number Theory - The Binary System of Numeration




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Sample Assessments

The following are sample assessments created by Alan Levy.

Portfolio Assessment - Balloon Toss Portfolio(Quadratic Equations)

Performance Assessment - Balloon Toss Assessment (Quadratic Equations)

Mixed Assessment - Shadows (Geometry - Similarity)

Formal Assessment - Applied Math Final Exam

Electronic Assessment - Translations (Algebra 2) - online Flash-based quiz (1 MB)


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The following video clips are from a 9th grade math class studying Similarity. Each clip is 15 minutes of video. (175 MB each)

The Statue of Liberty's Nose - Introducing the Concept of Proportionality(15:00)

Similarity - Introductory Lesson on Similarity (15:00)



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