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Geometry prepares students to solve real-world problems using analytical and computational skills. At the end of the course students have a greater understanding of the use of inductive and deductive reasoning. Students are expected throughout the year to participate in cooperative activities and individual assignments.



Units of Study

  • First Quarter:
    • Transformations and the Coordinate Plane
      • Rotations, reflections, translations
      • Constructions
      • Distance formula
      • Parallel and perpendicular slope
    • Congruence and Proof
      • Parallel Line Properties
      • Proofs
      • Triangle Congruence
    • Polygons and Extend to 3-D
      • It's a Package Deal
        • Polygon Properties
        • Area
        • Volume
        • Pythagorean Theorem
  • Second Quarter:
    • Similarity, Proof and Trigonometry
    • Circles and Other Conic Sections
      • Central and inscribed angles
      • Tangents and Chords
      • Arc length and Area of a sector
      • Equation of a circle
    • Applications of Probability




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