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Algebra 2

Algebra 2

Welcome to the Algebra 2 web page.



Algebra 2 prepares students to solve real-world problems using analytical and computational skills. At the end of the course students have a greater understanding of the use of variables and graphing a variety of functions. Students are expected throughout the year to participate in cooperative activities and individual assignments.


Units of Study

  • First Quarter:
    • Functions and Inverse Functions
      • Square Root
      • Cube root
      • Intercepts,
      • End behavior
    • Polynomial Expressions and Functions
      • Real and complex numbers
      • Zeros
      • End behavior
      • Exponents and Roots
    • Rational Expressions and Functions
      • Extraneous solutions
    • Trigonometric Functions
      • Unit circle
      • Graphing trig functions

  • Second Quarter:
    • Exponents and Power Functions
    • 3 week PBL
    • Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
      • Properties of Exponents
      • Growth and Decay
      • Natural log
    • Inferential Statistics
      • Standard deviation
      • Area under the normal curve
      • Simulations




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