About Paz Books

Paz Rare & Used Books specializes in Modern First Editions, including many signed first editions. Paz Books is run by a retired high school English, Theatre and Mathematics teacher. The bookstore evolved from the owner’s personal collection, so it reflects personal tastes and reading habits: Modern Fiction, Drama, Classical Literature, Philosophy, Religion, Poetry, Illustrated Books, Children’s Literature, Maurice Sendak, YA Fiction, Book Award Winners, and a few Graphic Novels.

Paz Books buy their books with a careful eye, but will occasionally purchase something that is less than Near Fine condition. In that case, an accurate description of any flaws, defects or wear issues present in the book is included in the description. Most books in the store are a first printing, unless it is a rather rare item. Again, the printing number and/or the date printed is included. A book is never simply listed as a First Edition.

Paz Rare & Used Books has been selling books online for over twenty years. They pride themselves on careful packaging and prompt shipping ships by the first business day following the receipt of an order. In many cases, an order is shipped on the same day as it is received. Shipping originates from a rural post office in eastern Connecticut.

Finally, Paz Books provides personal attention to customers and potential customers.