Time and Temperature

Over the course of the first marking period, we will investigate some of the cyclic phenomena found in nature, and explore the extent to which we can model these phenomena using trigonometry.

Part 1:Collecting Temperature Data

Make a chart (similar to the one below) of the average temperature in Coventry over the course of a year. You can find this data at the World Climate web site.

Type in "Coventry" where you are asked to provide the "City or Town Name".  When you are taken to the next page, scroll down until you see the listing for Coventry, and select Average Temperature:

     Average Maximum Temperature
    *Average Temperature - select this item
    Average Minimum Temperature
     Heating Degree Days
     Cooling Degree Days
     Average Rainfall
     Average Rainfall

You may use either of the temperature listings - Celsius or Fahrenheit - but be sure to note which is contained in your chart.

Average Monthly  Temperatures
Coventry, CT
Date Temperature (oF)

Part 2:Graphing Temperature Data

Make a scatter plot of this data, and answer the following questions.  To make a scatter plot, place a point on a piece of graph paper to represent each month's average temperature.  Please use the month as the horizontal axis, and the temperature as the vertical axis.

1.  According to the data, what is the coldest month in Coventry? what is the warmest month?
2.  Describe the shape of your scatter plot.  That is, if you connected the dots (but please don't), what would the line resemble?
3.  Describe what the shape of the graph would be like, if you extended it for a period of three years.
4.  Explain what might cause the average temperature to follow this pattern.
5.  According to the data, the average temperature in August is 66.9oF.  That sure doesn't sound like beach weather.  How is this temperature accurate?
6.  The web site also provided the following information about Coventry:  "Located at about 41.80°N  72.35°W."  What does this mean?

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